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A while back I used to spend a lot of time at this body shop in West LA. Almost daily I would find myself there, along with what came to be my core group of friends. We would all sit around this little fold out table, on squeaky chairs, not because this garage was so amazing; just to give you an idea… if you came in clean you left with soot on your clothes. Food would often be ordered in from somewhere, or bought off a nearby food truck. By now you’re probably thinking it had to be because the owner gave us discounts, in fact he often overcharged us, and surprisingly we all still gave him our business time and time again.

What that little body shop gave us was a home. No matter your age, race, religion, culture, or status it gave us a place to belong, a place where we all had one thing in common…our love for cars. We would sit there for hours talking about cars, watches, travel experiences, and business. I saw more deals get done around that little table, and I mean multimillion dollar deals done on the back of napkins, than any other table I’ve ever sat at. It was there trust was built. Camaraderie was born, and lifelong friendships were forged.

One day I looked around, and I realized we were all there because we didn’t want to be at home, or in the office, or place of work. I thought to myself there has to be a better place for people like us. A social club where people in our car community can gather, especially in a city like Los Angeles, the mecca of car culture. To my dismay the offerings were completely lacking, and almost void.

From then on I began my quest to create that place, curate that dream car collection, and find the people that could make it happen.

Welcome to The Bunker.

David Bren

CEO & Co-Founder

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